Panda Internet Security 2014 Review $50.99

Panda Internet Security 2014 Review

A Panda Internet Security 2014 Review


Panda is considered to be one of the first companies providing Internet security to use the Cloud storage system for its virus database. This minimizes the need for discs to be released to customers as updates are simply placed into the Cloud for customers to access. Many other companies have followed suit in using Cloud storage, but Panda Internet Security 2014 is the first on the market. It has also extended its services to provide security for other devices outside of PCs, such as Android or other OS devices.


Panda Internet Security 2014 can be licensed for up to three devices per user. There is no program available for iOS devices, but they can be scanned when they are connected to a Mac computer that has the program installed.


The program itself has a Windows 8 feel, with large colored tiles that display the features of the program for you to use. Stats are displayed on the main screen, including how many files were scanned and how many threats were removed. There are also scanning reports; if you want a more detailed read-out of what took place in each scan, specific corrupted files that were quarantined, the names of the devices that are being protected, and the possibility of backing up your files should a serious problem arise. Other options include a firewall, identity protection, and even parental control so that your children can be kept away from certain content. The ordering of these features can be rearranged by the user, so that the ones used most often are displayed first.


The Panda Internet Security 2014 package provides customers with 2GB of online storage for their files, should they choose to back up their systems in the Cloud. More space can be added as needed but at an additional cost. Backing up locally or on an external hard drive is also available through Panda Internet Security 2014, providing you with the choices you need to make a decision.


The Panda Internet Security 2014 program allows for you to run a custom scan in one of two ways: you can choose “Custom Scan” from the scan dialogue, or you can right click in a file browser and choose the option for Panda to scan. Either method works just as well, but the results may be much different. The Custom Scan does not include compressed or .pst files, while the right-clicking scanning process does.


Panda Internet Security 2014 provides a concrete level of security to its customers and has increased its availability to include iOS and Android devices. The expansion to three of these devices, rather than three PCs, has made it much more flexible for customers to use. There is the downside of only 2GB of Cloud storage being available for each customer across three devices. However, this is only an alternative option for those who aren’t interested in backing up to a hard drive.

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